Proprietary Resources

TAB Business Vantage®

TAB Business Vantage is an on-line analysis designed to take a snapshot of your current business performance and graphically compare it to your business priorities. The on-line 350 question assessment…

  • Provides a gap analysis of 10 key business areas — your performance versus what you think is important
  • Identifies performance gaps between the owner, partners and key employees
  • Assists the TAB Certified Facilitator in customizing the TAB Coaching Process to best meet your business needs

TAB Business Vantage which is included with membership


Want to know where your company stands in comparison to others in your industry? This financial benchmark looks at six areas of your business including liquidity, sales, profits & profit margins, borrowing, assets and employees. It compares up to 5 different time periods to track your progress with tips to help you improve your financial standing. Reports customized for your business include:

  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Audit Risk Assessment
  • Private Company Industry Data
  • Business Projections

ProfitCents reports solve specific problems based upon your needs and converts hard-to-understand financial numbers into plain language to demystify financial information so you can better manage your business.

Proprietary Business Processes Help Our Members

As a member of TAB you have access to our many proprietary processes to help improve your business. Each process is customized to meet your business needs.

Do you need a method to track your annual plans and projects? Then

Want to know how you compare to others in your industry? ProfitCents can accomplish this for you.

Need a better process to hire the right people for your business? Then click here to learn more or visit our website

Increasing sales in Charlotte is an issue? Become a member and meet owners and business decision makers at TAB Networking & Business Development seminars.